Gender woman
Seeking man
Age 33
Country United States
City New Iberia

Southern small town country girl. I'm outgoing, hard working, kind hearted, a little bit out the box (in a good way). Thank God for that though! You ever heard of the mime who got stuck in his box and suffocated? Crazy man. 😆 lok.... J/k

🤣😏🤣😏🤣😏🤣I love life and enjoy the simple things. Being outdoors is my thing. From fishing to hunting, camping and bon fires, love riding 4wheelers and laying out in a hammock just enjoying the fresh air. I have 3 amazing children that God so graciously blessed me with. I am currently a bartender at my parents bar here in town. Im into drafting and inventing things so thats where my focus for school is at. I love everyone and always try to help those in need. My dream in life is to have a home big enough to adopt or foster parent children in need of deserving love and guidance in life. I wish i could save the world but I'm only one person doing all i am able to do with the time I have on earth... No im not perfect or pretend to be, but, I have learned in life that it is the hard times that build character and shape us into a better person for the days and journeys ahead. It only means God has a greater purpose for you so be thankful for the struggles life brings upon us. Learn the lessons they are there to teach and dont force things that you wish to be. God will handle all the arrangements and He will put us exactly when we are intended to be. 💕